The Many Benefits of Meditation



People meditate for many different reasons, and the real benefits of meditation can impact our lives in so many different ways. Here’s just a few of the many benefits of meditation you can expect to experience once you get started:
1. Relaxation
2. Health
3. Inner peace and harmony
4. Concentration
5. To improve sporting or theatrical performance
6. Inspiration and creativity
7. Quality of life
8. Self-understanding and therapy
9. Spiritual awakening

Let’s look at relaxation in a little more detail now

After a serious crisis or years of chronic stress, many people lose their ability to relax. There are millions who require pills for a function as natural as sleeping. Being unable to relax can easily lead to a poor quality of life and health problems.
Learning to relax consciously, and to do it quickly, in any situation, is the first step in meditation. By relaxing, we unwind not just the body, but also the mental pre-occupations that wire us up in the first place.
Relaxing consciously is usually first done in a quiet place, with eyes closed. Eventually we can be relaxed while driving, eating, talking – even while having an argument We don’t blow the fuses, and can quickly repair ourselves at the end of the day.

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