It is a journey of self discovery, self acceptance, personal control and personal growth.



Planet Earth has a pulse, a rhythm, with which most living creatures are in tune with. The seasons, the cycles of day and night, the weather changes, etc. are something the plant and animal kingdom are not in conflict with. That can be observed in their migration patterns, mating habits, their understanding of their predators and their prey. They do not struggle with things like morality, indecision, expectations, disappointment, grief, etc.

As humans living in man made cities with much more complex issues, the constant stimuli of modern society, although full of rewards and opportunity, can also become so overwhelming that we lose our connection, not only with nature and a planet we are meant to be a part of, but also with our true selves, our connection to the universe as well as our individuality.

Whether your belief system is that all that surrounds us was created by a higher power or is a cosmic coincidence, it is logical to agree that things are made with a pattern, a function, a purpose.

In losing touch with our intuition, subconscious and higher selves we are unable to make decisions that are beneficial beyond the human needs to incorporate the well being of other creatures inhabiting our planet, including the very planet that sustains us and gives us life.

Being able to understand, accept, honor and respect ourselves, gives us the ability to do the same for others (human or not) therefore again being part of the cycle, rhythm and pulse of the universe.

It helps us realize that we are part of something bigger than us (be it community, the animal Kingdom, the Universe or God) – yet still enjoy and honor our uniqueness.

Meditation is an exercise or practice that allows you to block out all external stimuli, and let you connect with yourself, your emotions and their source and purpose. It provides an uncontaminated environment, a sacred space, where knowing yourself, accepting yourself, changing your illusions and simply balancing and centering that which is purely you, can take place.

Our feelings serve as more than a source of joy and burden. As a matter of fact they are not meant to debilitate, but rather to teach us about ourselves and others and assist us in our life journey and evolution. They are not meant to be piled on to the point of mental, emotional or even physical immobility.

Our meditation material deals with some of the most common every day emotions and issues.

The use of meditation will enable you to practice focus and concentration (it gets easier with practice) so that you may create the sacred space to be able to find your own reasons, answers and solutions to emotions we all deal with every day.

You will not be told or pep talked into believing you feel otherwise. Our audio material will simply teach you techniques, and assist you with guided imagery inspired by the very rhythm of Planet Earth, so that you may discover your own personal reasons for your feelings and the lessons you must draw from them, so that you may release them and not be weighed down by them.

It is a journey of self discovery, self acceptance, personal control and personal growth.


-Set aside about 1/2 hour for your exercise.

-Wear loose clothing.

-Sit comfortably, supporting your back with pillows, so that you may sit upright without strain or effort.

-To make yourself aware of tension in your body, you can start by tightening and holding muscles tight, moving from your toes upward. Then releasing the tension.

-Drinking a glass of water before starting helps you feel cleansed.

-Take 12 deep breaths holding them in a few seconds and releasing them. Inhale as deeply as possible and exhale fully, while focusing on the countdown.

-If thoughts come into your mind, don’t get frustrated, just imagine them leaving out the top of your head.

– Pick a quiet room or area for these exercises. Incense is also extremely helpful in creating an all enveloping atmosphere. Low lighting or candle light is also helpful in easing your ability to focus. Now simply enjoy!


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