. Every aspect of Nature, be it from animal, plant, or mineral kingdoms, has a unique vibrational essence, pattern, or frequency




While essences have been used throughout time by healers, it was English physician Dr. Edward Bach who formally discovered the curative energies of flowers in the 1930s. While wandering in his gardens, the gifted Dr. Bach would contemplate the cases of his patients, often manifesting their symptoms on a thought level. While so wandering and contemplating, he became aware that different flowering plants exerted a profound influence on the symptoms he had manifested. Every aspect of Nature, be it from animal, plant, or mineral kingdoms, has a unique vibrational essence, pattern, or frequency. These vibrational energies are part of Nature’s perfect design and can provide harmony and balance to that which is out of balance or desirous of change. By working co-creatively with Nature, these vibrational energies can be infused into a liquid medium which then contains the intrinsic nature of the featured item – e.g., flower, gem, bird. These essences can then be administered in a way that allows them to be absorbed into and transmitted through the human or animal nervous system, restoring balance and alignment in a gentle, natural manner. Essences can also be used to assist Nature itself by administering an essence to an aspect of Nature calling for such (e.g., giving a certain essence to a plant for the plant’s realignment if it has been stressed in some manner). No part of Nature is harmed in any way during the making of essences.


In general, essences may be used as an all-purpose tool for supporting individual self-care. They may be used for a variety of other reasons, also, such as: providing support while working on special issues, sending energy directly to an emotional upset or physical trauma, gaining insights into core issues, bringing balance to an environment, supporting the well-being of pets, integrating work with health professionals and clients, aiding a birth or death process, or returning balance to your electrical system.


By choosing Watersong Sanctuary Essences, you are choosing to consciously work with Nature’s Intelligence in a co-creative model. These essences are intended to support an individual’s healing and growth and may be used in conjunction with any healing modality. Essences have been used in drinking water, in bath water, directly under the tongue, on food, topically on the body, and as a spray mist in the home. Essences may be used in any place and in any manner that you can imagine. Their effectiveness increases with the frequency of use, rather than with the quantity used at any one time.


Each essence carries the vibrational frequency of its own essential substance, as well as the frequency of the environment in which it is created. Watersong is committed to treating the land as a type of Nature Sanctuary, where the energies are maintained in a balance between Nature’s natural patterns and Watersong staffs loving partnership. The resulting harmony of this energetic balance and co-creativity appears in Watersong essences. While many fine companies produce essence lines, the essences are generally specific to singular aspects of Nature, e.g., just flowers or just gems. Watersong was guided to include all aspects of Nature in the essence lines, so we offer essences from the full spectrum of the Nature kingdom – plant, animal, and mineral as well as geographic and planetary energies. All Watersong Sanctuary Essences are made in a loving and conscious partnership with Nature’s Intelligence and with the intention of serving the greatest well-being of everyone who has contact with them.


The co-creative process is about discovering and utilizing the relationship between Self and Nature. At Watersong Sanctuary our role in the partnership is to provide the intent of what we want to accomplish; Nature’s Intelligence provides the form, order, and life force. The process is one of mutual respect and balance, involving subtle communication and a commitment to a shared intention. You utilize the co-creative process each time you use the essences by clearly defining your intention then allowing Nature to support you with the appropriate essence(s).


For those of you new to essences, there are several approaches you might take. If you are familiar with some form of kinesiology or use of a pendulum, then test for your essences that way. The easiest way, however, is to use your intuition. Settle into a quiet space, state a concise intention about what you would like the essence(s) to help in rebalancing (on physical, mental, and/or spiritual levels), and let your eyes run down the list of essences and essence sets available. Trust your intuition when a name or definition seems to stand out. This is your intuitive voice speaking to you. We also recommend a brief personal conversation with Virginia or Kathleen when ordering the essences for the first time. There’s no fee for this service, and we find that this consultation is helpful in selecting essences that align most closely with your desired outcome. You can order individual essence bottles, essence sets, custom essence mixtures, or custom essence sets. The individual bottles are nice when you are working on a specific imbalance, and the sets are nice for long-term support.


Watersong Sanctuary Essences work on a very subtle but powerful level. Over time, you probably will notice a gradual change in your attitude; mental patterns will become more positive, emotions regarding certain issues will become less charged, and, for some, physical symptoms will lessen or disappear.


Watersong Sanctuary is nestled on seven wooded acres adjacent to the foothills north of Boulder, Colorado. The sound of the mountain creek running through the property is the inspiration for the name Watersong Sanctuary. As the original steward of Watersong Sanctuary, Virginia Wadsworth has for many years offered the serenity of Watersong to countless visionaries. Watersong is a place, a business, and an energy, inspired by Virginia’s twenty-four year relationship with the land at Watersong and by her gift as a global networker. Throughout the planting, weeding, and “being with” the land, Virginia has listened not only to the river but to Nature itself. In 1994 Virginia was guided to begin producing essences from the flowers, trees, plants, animals, rocks, and energies at Watersong and then later from aspects of Nature around the world. Influenced by the compelling work of Machaelle Small Wright, Watersong Sanctuary developed a unique process for making vibrational essences. These essences are Nature’s vibrational energies that have been lovingly given by Nature and tenderly gathered by Watersong Sanctuary staff. Nature continually presents itself to Watersong staff and new essences continue to emerge. The enthusiastic support from a vast global network of kindred spirits has given Watersong Sanctuary access to energetic imprints of flowers, minerals, animals, birds, insects, sea creatures, trees, soils, energies, etc. from around the world. The vision of Watersong Sanctuary is to continue evolving in a co-creative partnership with Nature’s Intelligence and further expand as a network center for transformative evolution. One important way we do this is by providing clients with Watersong Sanctuary Essences, as well as other spiritual tools and support.

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